2022-06-09 15:40:56
Academic Charts Service


The successful publication of the research not only depends on fluent, professional, and authentic language but also on high-quality charts. And the more influential SCI journals have higher requirements for the quality of charts. However, for the author, making complex and diverse charts is time-consuming and laborious, and sometimes there is no way to start.

To improve the submission efficiency of scientific articles and ensure the quality of charts, we have established a team covering multiple scientific research fields to provide customers with academic chart services to meet the standard chart requirements of journals. Whether you need to re-edit the existing chart, re-draw the source data, or draw a new schematic diagram and flow chart, we will do our best to help you.

Service Type

Service Time


Chart Editing

2 working days


2.SizeMagnification is limited by resolution);

3.Color MoldRGBCMYKgray levels, etc.);

4.ResolutionLimited by original picture resolution);

5.NoteText, arrows, simple lines, etc);

6.Picture Combination Chart combinations that do not need to be redrawn

Chart Making

3 working days

1.Chart making based on the data sheetcolumn chart, pie chart, bar chart, linear chart, scatter chart, etc);

2.Local processing of charts according to journal requirementsCutting, marking, ruler, color, contrast, brightness, saturation, local blur, etc);

3.Chart format processing

Chart Drawing

2 to 7 working days

1. Redraw the low-resolution flow charts and schematics

2.Draw flow charts and schematic diagrams according to sketch (or reference diagram)

3.Draw schematic diagrams or flow charts according to the author's text description or reference materials (no sketch or reference diagram)


Price Negotiable