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Know about us Bio-Medresearch Co., Ltd is found in 2021 and is mainly engaged in the editing, publishing, and distribution of the world series of medical journals. Our predecessor is the Chinese Journal of New Gastroenterology, which can be traced back to January 15, 1993. Aiming at effectively editing, publishing, and distributing this journal, we set up Bio-Medresearch Co., Ltd based on professional medical research knowledge and experience. Today, we are committed to a sustainable publishing business model. By following the highest international publishing and research ethics standards, we provide top journals and reports with peer-reviewed clinical and basic research in a wide range of fields. As a biomedical publishing company recognized by the COPE, we have already edited and published 20 academic journals in Chinese and English. And all academic journals are published in open access and single-blind external peer review mode. What’s more, our contribution system is leading in the industry. It spans the entire publishing process from submission to online publishing, encompassing an article quality tracking system, author evaluation system, and reader evaluation system. The platform is open and transparent for evaluating all kinds of high-quality academic articles, and it is free for authors and readers.

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