2022-06-09 15:40:12
Revision according to Review Opinions


This service is mainly for English manuscripts rejected or revised after review. The chief editor will assist the author in conducting manuscript modification and response letter writing. We ensure these articles are revised and sent back to the magazine in the perfect state. Then articles will be submitted to the original journal or another journal. Our editor will work with the author to ensure that the newly-submitted paper can stand scrutiny both academically and linguistically.

If the paper is re-submitted to the same journal, we will prepare the response letter point by point; for irrelevant review opinions, reasonable rebuttals are necessary. Besides, we also will summarize the revisions made in the paper base on the reviewer'sopinions.

[Service Period]

Minor Revision: 10 to 20 working days

Major Revision: 15 to 30 working days

[Service Process] 


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High-Quality Academic Resources

We have rich academic resources, covering most biomedical majors; and we can provide personalized counseling and assistance according to different needs.

Excellent Expert Team

We have more than 700 academic experts, most of whom serve as editor in chief, deputy editor in chief or editorial board of biomedical magazines, and the vast majority of editors serve as reviewers for many SCI journals.

Confidentiality System and Copyright Protection

We strictly implement confidentiality procedures, fully protect customers' private information, and execute confidentiality agreements in good faith.

Premium Brand Assurance

Our biomedical editors are leaders in the profession, with more than 10 years professional English editing experience. And we have a great many well-known medical units and universities as cooperative partners.

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We accept Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, and other convenient payment options, and provide formal VAT invoices.


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