2022-06-09 14:40:48
Graduation Project Design Consulting


① Opening report coaching: experts coach in finding topics with research potential in the topic selection stage.

② Repetition rate reducing: modify the paper until it meets similarity rate requirements.

③ Polishing for the professional content/language of the paper: modify the academic professional content and format; make the abstract concise and the references appropriate; and make the review cover the research progress and the format and language meet the requirements of general papers.

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[Our Advantages]

Leading in the industry: we have multiple years of experience in medical research service field

High-quality academic resources: we have nearly 200 national senior journal editors, covering the whole professional field of medicine

Reliable quality assurance: we have the highest guarantee of SCI in the industry, with over 80% acceptance rate

Perfect after-sales system: we strictly protect our customersinformation from leaking

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30 working days


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