2022-06-09 14:40:24
Biomedical Statistics Consulting


Biostatistics is a necessary tool in medicine or biology. On the one hand, the results of any medical or biological research can only be generalized with statistical methods to know whether the results of such research are meaningful or not. On the other hand, it allows the reader to understand the overall picture of the study easily through various charts. And the author can create an article with consistent experimental hypotheses and findings based on the statistical results.

[Service Process]

Ø Information completeness checking: authors' contact, original data, research design and purpose, names of variables and decoding tables, statistical assumptions, statistical methods, etc.

Ø Preliminary communication with authors

Ø Data analysis and evaluation

Ø Second communication and discussion with authors

Ø Signing a contract for cooperation

[Our Advantages]

Leading in the industry: we have multiple years of experience in medical research service field

High-quality academic resources: we have nearly 200 national senior journal editors, covering the whole professional field of medicine

Reliable quality assurance: we have the highest guarantee of SCI in the industry, with over 80% acceptance rate

Perfect after-sales system: we strictly protect our customersinformation from leaking

[Service Period]

30 to 45 working days


Price Negotiable