2022-06-09 14:40:02
Clinical Research Design Consulting


This service is for researchers who have a large amount of clinical research data and expect article publication. Yujia Medical can help researchers achieve their objective of article publishing by assisting their clinical research design and guiding their data collection and collation.

[Service Process]

Intention communication: understand the researcher's needs

Project design: design the project and organize data based on the researchers documents

Manuscript completed: check the final project and submit the paper

[Our Advantages]

Leading in the industry: we have multiple years of experience in the medical research service industry

High-quality academic resources: we have nearly 200 national senior journal editors, covering the whole professional field of medicine

Reliable quality assurance: we have the highest guarantee of SCI in the industry, with over 80% acceptance rate

Perfect after-sales system: we strictly protect our customersinformation from leaking

[Service Period]

Regular order: 45 working days

Urgent order: 30 working days


Price Negotiable