2022-06-09 11:28:05
SCI Service for Pharmaceutical Enterprise Products


Academic marketing is a comprehensive concept, permeating all stages from drug research and development, marketing, to late-stage clinical application and monitoring. It is a cyclic process to promote treatment progress. Firstly, extensive basic research, evidence-based medicine research, and epidemiological investigation are carried out based on the characteristics of pharmaceutical products and the requirements of clinical treatment. Then after the products go on the market, the related information, feedback, and adverse events are recovered from the clinical and returned to the laboratory for the renewal and research of the next-generation products.

We will extract evidence-based proof like drug innovation and treatment mechanisms, and the value of products according to the main therapeutic functions, clinical data, and differences of drugs. Additionally, we utilized doctor platforms and medical academic manuscript publishing for endorsement and promotion. Moreover, we enhance the research of the drug pharmacological mechanism theoretically and shorten approval time. More importantly, our service not only helps customers know and accept the drug better but also assists doctors to choose appropriate drugs and regimens for the patients.

[Service Process]

Basic evaluation of drug research  Determination of drug mechanism direction design  Experiment scheme coaching Experiment performing  Mid-term summary→ Experiment conclusive report tutoring  Article writing coaching



Service Name

Service Time



Basic evaluation of drug research

12 days

Search references according to the provided drug and evaluate the feasibility of the drug research


Determination of drug mechanism direction design

20 days

Search references and design a feasible drug mechanism


Experiment scheme coaching

30 days

Design specific experiments according to the determined research


Experiment performing

Multiple months

Carry out experiments according to the finalized scheme, and timely discuss and analyze the experimental results with customers


Mid-term summary

10 days

Coach in writing the mid-term report according to the experiment progress and results


Experiment conclusive report coaching

30 days

Assist through the whole process in organizing the data after the experiment, analyzing data, and a forming report   


Article writing coaching

30 days

Coach one-to-one in writing SCI paper through the whole process according to the experimental results and conclusions 

[Service Period]

12 to 15 months


Price Negotiable