2022-06-09 11:26:54
Funding Project Whole Process Service


The funding project service encompasses the whole process of the project application. Our research team provides researchers all-round scientific research assistance and support, covering the discussion and design of the research, the design of the experiment scheme, the design of the experimental basis, the guidance of writing the tenders, the performing of the experiment, the analysis and discussion of the experimental results, the guidance of writing the experimental reports and the final display of the project achievement. With our support, your scientific visions will be turned into reality.

[Service Process]

Research basis evaluation: evaluate the existing working basis and check the feasibility of the research.

Project scheme design: select the topic and design the basic scheme according to the requirements of our clients.

Tender coaching: coach in writing the tender according to the scheme and the research basis.

Experiment development and tutoring: researchers need to participate in the project in the company’s laboratory from time to time according to the progress.

Experimental report and result output: adjust the result to a satisfactory one according to the background of the researcher and export the results (the concluding report and the SCI paper)

[Our Advantages]

1. Comprehensive Service

We provide a comprehensive service covering the discussion of the research direction of the project, the design of specific experiments, tender coaching, the implementation of experiments, analysis and discussion of experimental results, experiment report guidance, and the final project results display.

2. Authentic Data

Persisting with truthfulness, we guarantee the experimental data is authentic and reliable. And falsification, mistranslation, and any other academic misconduct are eliminated.   

3. Quality Assurance

The team offering service is composed of professionals with multi-disciplinary backgrounds, rich scientific research experience, and high skills.

4. Rights and Interests Protection

We are committed to maintaining strict confidentiality of client information and subject content. We will provide a confidentiality agreement to protect our client's intellectual property rights from violation.

5. Quick Payment and Formal Invoice

We accept Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, and other convenient modes of payment, and provide formal VAT invoices.



Service Name

Service Time



Research direction or basis evaluation

12 days

Have an in-depth discussion with the customers according to the research and confirm its feasibility


Academic conference on project design

1 day

Hold a meeting to discuss the research direction and the project members


Project design determination

20 days

Search for references and design the project


 Experiment scheme coaching

30 days

Design experiment in detail according to the determined research


Tender coaching

25 days

Coach in writing the tender according to the research background and the project direction


Experiment performing

Follow the tender

Carry out experiments according to the finalized scheme and the tender, and timely discuss and analyze the experimental results with customers


 Annual Academic  Conference for Experiment summary 

1 day

Hold an academic meeting of project summary, summarize the experimental progress and problems, and make a further experiment plan


Mid-term summary

10 days

Coach in writing the mid-term experimental report according to the experiment progress and results


Concluding report coaching

30 days

Coach one-to-one in organizing the data after the experiment, analyzing data, and forming a report


Article coaching

30 days-----

Coach in writing SCI paper one-to-one through the whole process according to the experimental results and conclusions


Submission coaching


Assist in selecting the target journal according to requirements and coach in submitting

[Service Period]

Refer to the process of the tender for details


Price Negotiable