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SCI Paper Whole Process Assistance


It is a personalized service that provides professional assistance for academic papers, covering the whole process from evaluation to being accepted by journals. The publication can be more effective with the whole process assistance of our senior professional scholars.

Yulia Medicine has rich experience in SCI paper editing and polishing, a team of highly qualified experts, and good relationships with international publishers. Every step of paper writing is under the guidance of experts who have rich experience in reviewing and submitting. The hit rate of papers will significantly increase. What you only need to do is to provide the manuscript in Chinese or English. A full refund is supported if the articles have passed the evaluation but have not been published.  

[Target Customers]

Authors who have to publish SCI papers have encountered many unsolvable problems during submission.

Authors who have the first draft in Chinese or English look for whole process assistance on paper publishing.

Authors have no experience in submission or know little about journal submission.

Authors want to submit to higher-level journals with whole process assistance, or submissions rejection has happened many times.

Authors expect strategic submission advice from experts.

Authors lack experience in writing English papers and submitting them to international journals.  

[Service Process]


[Our Advantages]

1. We have good relationships with international journal publishers, ensuring your paper is indexed quicker.

2. We have a professional team composed of professors, reviewers, and journal editors from institutions of higher learning around the world.

3. We provide an evaluation and expert feedback in advance.

4. We provide comprehensive guidance for revisions to improve the article, ensuring it reaches the requirements of SCI publication.    

5. We can reduce your time investment.

6. We provide revision assistance from experts and only need you to make data complementary.

7. We provide unlimited time for in-depth editing and polishing for an article of any length until the publication.



Service Type

Service Time (adjust according to the impact factor values of articles )



Research direction or basis evaluation

6 days

Evaluate the feasibility of the existing or provided project


Academic conference on project design

0.5 day

Hold a meeting to discuss the research direction and project members


Project design determination

10 days

Search for references and design the project


First draft of the experiment scheme

10 days

Design experiment in detail according to the determined research


 Experiment  scheme determination

6 days

Modify and determine the final scheme according to the requirements of the customers


Experiment conducting

Multiple months

Perform experiment following the scheme, make a progress report every half month


Mid-term academic  conferenceimpact factor value >3

0.5 day

Summarize the problems in experimental design and operation, and discuss the plan for future experiment


Experiment summary

10 days

Assist through the whole process in organizing the data after the experiment, analyzing data, and a forming report   


Article writing coaching

28 days

Coach in writing SCI paper one-to-one through the whole process according to the experimental results and conclusions


Submission coaching


Assist in selecting the target journal according to requirements and submitting                             

[Service Time]

15 to 18 months (experiment time not included)


Price negotiable

[Common Questions]

Q: Will my paper be 100% accepted if I choose your SCI whole process service?

YuJia: Our editor will review your work to confirm whether we can serve you before official services. And a 100% refund is supported if your paper is rejected during the agreement period.

Q: What documents are needed if I order this service?

YuJia: You need to provide the complete manuscript and some enclosures (your ideal journal, contribution history, review opinions, etc.). Our editor will check and review your manuscript after accessing your paper. We will quote you if our editor determines that we can provide you with SCI whole process service.

Q: Can the SCI whole process service submit to my target journal or guarantee the impact factor of the published journal?

YuJia: Our service is to ensure a paper acceptance by the SCI journal within the agreement period. However, the impact factors of the journal are not guaranteed. If you have a target journal, our editor will take it as a reference, but we cannot pledge the final journal is the one you expect.