2022-05-28 19:03:04
Biomedical Project Design


Cooperated with senior domestic experts of the fund bidding project, YuJia Medicine will conduct a full multi-dimensional evaluation, guidance, polishing, and modification of the tender in terms of project basis, research content and objectives, project innovation, and scientific value and feasibility. We will highlight the project innovation, show its scientific value and potential impact, refine the research scheme, ensure the feasibility, and standardize the writing content. The probability of winning the bid will significantly increase with our help.


① Application in March every year: the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Youth Foundation, General Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, fund of Central Administration Bureau, and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation

 Application in April every year: National Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong, China, fund of Guangdong Central Administration Bureau

③ Application in December of each year: fund of Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

[Service Process]


[Our Advantages]

Strong Team of Experts

With multiple years of experience, we are familiar with all processes of fund evaluation and know what kind of tender can impress the reviewers. Besides, we have experience hosting more than three fund programs and have successfully guided our clients to win the bid over five times. No matter defects in the project design or obscure wording of the tender, we can help and provide professional guidance, making your tender stick out from the crowd.


Experts will evaluate your tender from the aspects of topic selection, research hypothesis, research content, innovation, systematicness, and feasibility. The problems inspection is thorough. In that case, appropriate solutions can apply to make your tender more outstanding.

Considerate Consultant-Type Service

Our team is experienced and responsible, providing you with considerate one-stop-shop services. Our team directly participates in all aspects of bidding document design like topic selection, research hypothesis, research content, innovation, systematicness, and feasibility, helping you overcome all obstacles in fund application.

[Service Period]

20 days


Price Negotiable